Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Edgy !

Underlings "Edgy" CD finally released ! Sounds pretty dern good. recorded last Summer at Smegma Studio in Portland. On tape ! recorded in 3 days last June and mixed in a couple of a days in August..a bunch of gigs after that and we had the dough to put it out.Release party was April 27 with the Soothesayers and The Lovesores at Luckeys. Both of these bands tore it up. About the Lovesores..GO SEE THIS BAND ! SEE THEM SOON. SEE THEM OFTEN..straight up punk rock n roll. Everybody had a great time that night. Looking forward to more shows like that one.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Underlings gig with Pierced Arrows and Soothesayers tomorrow. Stoked. been listening to alot of Dead Moon in the car lately. straight-up Oregon rock. these folks have been driving these roads for years. keeps me on the ball. ordered a copy of the Ann Arbor Revival Meeting CD from '02. Rules. got Scott Morgan, Deniz Tek, Ron Asheton, and Hiawatha Bailey among others brinigin the house down. I hear Scott Morgan is ill. Hoping he pulls through OK. such a great talent.

Saturday, December 31, 2011


A New Year. I dig it. 2011 was challenging, but good. I think I mighta learned a thing or two..the hard way, of course..I think 2012 is gonna be good. Feeling the creative bug comin' on. I wanna push it.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Headed up to Portland a few weekends ago to record with the Underlings at Smegma Studio. Three days of tracking and I'm pretty dern stoked with the sounds.In a few weeks we're on to the mixin' stage...Drive up was OK until I got a little lost. I'm not big on heights, and getting discombobulated in Portland amongst its many towering bridges can be a pretty big bummer...after a few passes I was pretty much flippin' out. Got on the horn with Bryant and Ed and got straightenend back out. I'm fortunate that these two guys are parents of small children..they're accustomed to talking down hysterical little dudes and getting em back on track. I met up with em shortly thereafter and smooth sailing after that. I'm now familier with some more areas of P-town I've never been in before...we stayed in a place called The Palms. a remnant from the old Hwy 99. we dined in a Tiki bar that was pretty good burger-wise, and had our morning coffee in a place called the Black Cat Cafe. Good bagels...Smegma studio was a complete blast. way, way relaxed. perfect environment for the Underlings machine to do its thing.
Been thinking about punk rock a lot lately. I suppose that's not that unusual...coming up with more questions than answers..and I think thats a good thing.Guess I'm wondering why some of the the various 'scenes' made such quick work of antiquating themselves. A lot of talk about the 'good ol days' from folks that maybe never realized their full rock n roll potential.Like turning the present into the past a little too early..Pretty sure there's plenty of new rock n roll ground to tread, and the old fields can be tilled and turned endlessly......rock on.